/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Community-identified recommendations to enhance cancer survivorship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people /manager/Repository/uon:32826 Thu 26 Jul 2018 09:46:17 AEST ]]> Identification of Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cancer patients in the primary health care setting /manager/Repository/uon:30565 n = 8), searching paper records (n = 1), and combination of PCIS and staff recall (n = 1). Six different types of PCIS were being utilized by participating centers. There was no standardized way to identify Indigenous cancer patients across centers. Health service information systems, search functions and capacities of systems, and staff skill in extracting data using PCIS varied between centers. Conclusion: It is crucial to be able to easily identify Indigenous cancer patients accessing health services in the PHC setting to monitor progress, improve and evaluate care, and ultimately improve Indigenous cancer outcomes. It is also important for PHC staff to receive adequate training and support to utilize PCISs efficiently and effectively.]]> Thu 04 Jul 2019 13:41:47 AEST ]]> The role of the GP in follow-up cancer care: a systematic literature review /manager/Repository/uon:26140 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:35:29 AEDT ]]>