/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Dying in two acute hospitals: Would usual care meet Australian national clinical standards? /manager/Repository/uon:18613 Sat 24 Mar 2018 08:01:05 AEDT ]]> An observational study to explore the feasibility of assessing bereaved relatives’ experiences before and after a quality improvement project to improve care of dying medical inpatients /manager/Repository/uon:31110 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:35:06 AEDT ]]> The effect of a care bundle on nursing staff when caring for the dying /manager/Repository/uon:26598 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:33:57 AEDT ]]> Assessing the presence and severity of constipation with plain radiographs in constipated palliative care patients /manager/Repository/uon:30060 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:31:19 AEDT ]]> Improving the quality of care delivered to people imminently dying in hospital by implementing a care bundle: an observational before and after feasibility study /manager/Repository/uon:28268 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:28:35 AEDT ]]> Caring for people dying in acute hospitals: a mixed-methods study to examine relative's perceptions of care /manager/Repository/uon:23711 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:13:25 AEDT ]]>