/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Reduction of energy usage during storage and transport of bananas by management of exogenous ethylene levels /manager/Repository/uon:21312 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:52:46 AEDT ]]> Reduction of energy usage in postharvest horticulture through management of ethylene /manager/Repository/uon:28202 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:23:53 AEDT ]]> Interaction of ethylene concentration and storage temperature on postharvest life of the green vegetables pak choi, broccoli, mint, and green bean /manager/Repository/uon:34476 −1 ethylene. The results showed that the postharvest life, as determined by consumer acceptance criteria of yellowing for pak choi and broccoli, leaf abscission for mint, and pod softening and chilling injury for green bean, increased as the temperature and ethylene concentration decreased. Regression equations generated from the storage data allowed for the calculation of the temperature and ethylene levels required for any nominated postharvest life. Using a 14-day postharvest life as an example, storage in ethylene at 0.001 μL L−1 would allow a storage temperature of about 10°C for pak choi, broccoli, and mint and about 18°C for green bean, temperatures well above the current recommendations of 0 to 5°C.]]> Fri 15 Mar 2019 13:30:14 AEDT ]]>