/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Intramolecular binding mode of the C-terminus of Escherichia coli single-stranded DNA binding protein determined by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy /manager/Repository/uon:31714 15N relaxation data demonstrate high flexibility of the polypeptide segment linking the C-peptide to the OB-domain and somewhat increased flexibility of the C-peptide compared with the OB-domain, suggesting that the C-peptide either retains high mobility in the bound state or is in a fast equilibrium with an unbound state.]]> Wed 11 Apr 2018 17:44:50 AEST ]]> Stability of blocked replication forks in vivo /manager/Repository/uon:26208 Wed 11 Apr 2018 15:30:25 AEST ]]> Activation of XerCD-dif recombination by the FtsK DNA translocase /manager/Repository/uon:23206 Wed 11 Apr 2018 13:59:44 AEST ]]> RNA polymerase-induced remodelling of NusA produces a pause enhancement complex. /manager/Repository/uon:23749 Wed 11 Apr 2018 09:43:37 AEST ]]> Temporospatial guidance of activity-dependent gene expression by microRNA: mechanisms and functional implications for neural plasticity /manager/Repository/uon:37997 Fri 23 Jul 2021 14:23:32 AEST ]]>