/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Predicting type 2 diabetes using genetic and environmental risk factors in a multi-ethnic Malaysian cohort /manager/Repository/uon:30988 2 and the area under the receiver-operating characteristic curve (AUC). Models with and without the genetic risk score (GRS) were compared using the log likelihood ratio Chi-squared test and AUCs. Multiplicative interaction between genetic and environmental risk factors was assessed via logistic regression within and across ancestral groups. Interactions were assessed for the GRS and its 62 constituent variants. Results: The models including environmental risk factors only had pseudo R2 values of 16.5–28.3% and AUC of 0.75–0.83. Incorporating a genetic score aggregating 62 T2D-associated risk variants significantly increased the model fit (likelihood ratio P-value of 2.50 × 10−4–4.83 × 10−12) and increased the pseudo R2 by about 1–2% and AUC by 1–3%. None of the gene–environment interactions reached significance after multiple testing adjustment, either for the GRS or individual variants. For individual variants, 33 out of 310 tested associations showed nominal statistical significance with 0.001 < P < 0.05. Conclusion: This study suggests that known genetic risk variants contribute a significant but small amount to overall T2D risk variation in Malaysian population groups. If gene–environment interactions involving common genetic variants exist, they are likely of small effect, requiring substantially larger samples for detection.]]> Wed 23 Feb 2022 16:06:27 AEDT ]]> Characterising the genetic risk for type 2 diabetes in a Malaysian multi-ethnic cohort /manager/Repository/uon:21916 Wed 10 Jul 2019 15:18:42 AEST ]]> Characterizing the genetic risk for type 2 diabetes in a Malaysian multi-ethnic cohort /manager/Repository/uon:27574 Sat 24 Mar 2018 07:23:41 AEDT ]]>