/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Genesis of ovarian cancer: understanding the mechanisms of oviductal epithelial cell homoeostasis /manager/Repository/uon:35526 Wed 08 Jul 2020 09:57:42 AEST ]]> In vivo genetic cell lineage tracing reveals that oviductal secretory cells self-renew and give rise to ciliated cells /manager/Repository/uon:34201 In vivo genetic cell lineage tracing showed that secretory cells not only self-renew, but also give rise to ciliated cells. Analysis of a Wnt reporter mouse model and various Wnt target genes showed that the Wnt signaling pathway is involved in oviductal epithelial homoeostasis. By developing two triple-transgenic mouse models, we showed that Wnt/ ß-catenin signaling is essential for self-renewal as well as the differentiation of secretory cells. In summary, our results provide mechanistic insight into oviductal epithelial homoeostasis.]]> Wed 04 Sep 2019 09:40:10 AEST ]]> In Vivo cell fate tracing provides no evidence for mesenchymal to epithelial transition in adult fallopian tube and uterus /manager/Repository/uon:37510 Thu 18 Feb 2021 14:52:22 AEDT ]]> Proteomic analysis of stromal and epithelial cell communications in human endometrial cancer using a unique 3D co-culture model /manager/Repository/uon:36541 Mon 01 Jun 2020 12:52:51 AEST ]]>