/manager/Index ${session.getAttribute("locale")} 5 Regulation of skeletal ryanodine receptors by dihydropyridine receptor II-III loop C-region peptides: relief of Mg2+ inhibition /manager/Repository/uon:225 10 mu M), rapidly reversible effects (fast inhibition and decreased sensitivity to Mg2+ inhibition) and two slowly reversible effects (high-affinity activation and a slow-onset, low-affinity inhibition). Fast inhibition and high-affinity activation were decreased by ATP. Therefore peptide activation in the presence of ATP and Mg2+, used with Ca2+ release assays, depends on a mechanism different from that seen when Ca2+ is the sole agonist. The relief of Mg2+ inhibition was particularly important since RyR activation during excitation-contraction coupling depends on a similar decrease in Mg2+ inhibition.]]> Thu 25 Jul 2013 09:09:38 AEST ]]> Ryanodine receptor modification and regulation by intracellular Ca²⁺ and Mg²⁺ in healthy and failing human hearts /manager/Repository/uon:33274 Mon 24 Sep 2018 13:26:22 AEST ]]>