Continuous versus intermittent extended adjuvant letrozole for breast cancer: final results of randomized phase III SOLE (Study of Letrozole Extension) and SOLE Estrogen Substudy

- Jerusalem, G.; Farah, S.; Abdi, E.; Kamby, C.; Thompson, A.; Loibl, S.; Gavilá, J.; Kuroi, K.; Marth, C.; Müller, B.; O'Reilly, S.; Gombos, A.; Courtois, A.; Ruhstaller, T.; Burstein, HJ; Rabaglio, M.; Ruepp, B; Ribi, K; Viale, G; Gelber, RD; Coates, AS; Loi, S; Goldhirsch, A; Chirgwin, J.; Regan, MM; Colleoni, M; Aebi, S.; Karlsson, P.; Neven, P.; Hitre, E.; Graas, M. P.; Simoncini, E.