Impact of CYO19A1 and ESR1 variants on early-onset side effects during combined endocrine therapy in the TEXT trial

- Johansson, Harriet; Gray, Kathryn P.; Colleoni, Marco; Rabaglio, Manuela; Price, Karen N.; Coates, Alan S.; Gelber, Richard D.; Goldhirsch, Aron; Kammler, Roswitha; Bonanni, Bernardo; Walley, Barbara A.; TEXT principal investigators,; Pagani, Olivia; Chirgwin, Jaqueline; Francis, Prudence; Regan, Meredith M.; Viale, Giuseppe; Aristarco, Valentina; Macis, Debora; Puccio, Antonella; Roux, Susanne; Maibach, Rudolf